Our drawing unit, covers multiple ways to draw from sight. We learn specific techniques for drawing and using tools for drawing. Projects pose more challenging techniques and subjects to help us grow our abilities to draw accurately and expressively.


I will be able to draw dynamic lines (thick, thin, dark, light) using a pencil.

I will be able to draw objects and figures accurately.


CS.VIS.8.2.0 - Students apply artistic processes and skills, using a variety of media to communicate meaning and intent in original works of art.

CS.VIS.8.2.0.SPM - Skills, Processes, Materials, and Tools

CS.VIS.8.2.0.CET - Communication and Expression Through Original Works of Art

CS.VIS.8.2.5 - Select a medium to communicate a theme in a series of artwork.

CS.VIS.8.2.6 - Design and create both additive and subtractive sculptures.

CS.VIS.8.2.7 - Design a work of public art appropriate to and reflecting a location

Non-objective Linear Abstraction

Objective Drawing

Figurative Drawing