Our Illustrator unit, covers multiple ways to draw using the professional graphic design program, Illustrator. Our unit covers basic tool usage, various ways to make objects and vectors in Illustrator.


I will be able to identify the line tool, shape tool, color selection for both outline and fill, the pen tool and what they do.

I will be able to create a cactus character using Illustrator.

I will be able to create a little monster that represents me in Illustrator.


CS.VIS.8.2.0 - Students apply artistic processes and skills, using a variety of media to communicate meaning and intent in original works of art.

CS.VIS.8.2.0.SPM - Skills, Processes, Materials, and Tools

CS.VIS.8.2.1 - Demonstrate an increased knowledge of technical skills in using more complex two-dimensional art media and processes (e.g., printing press, silk screening, computer graphics software).

CS.VIS.8.2.0.CET - Communication and Expression Through Original Works of Art

CS.VIS.8.2.3 - Create an original work of art, using film, photography, computer graphics, or video.

CS.VIS.8.2.5 - Select a medium to communicate a theme in a series of artwork.