Storytelling through Maps

Maximise the use of mobile digital technologies for learning

Localised Curriculum, Identity, EOTC

How can you make the most of mobile digital technology for learning? School camps and field trips are a great opportunity to escape the distractions of digital technology but telling kids to leave their phones at home means that they and you miss out on huge benefits for cross-curricular learning. Find out in a hands on way, how to make the most of those digital devices in your hands to enhance learning through QR codes, social media, maps and more.

How can we connect with our local community, local history and culture, work out where we fit in the world immediately around us and globally? How can we tell the stories of our tīpuna, pass them on to our tamariki and our mokopuna? How do we make the connections that help us to form our identity and understand our world? How can we do all that and also be active, outdoors, developing our hauora and working collaboratively with each other and learning together?

This site proposes ways that we can explore all those things through maps. It is a dynamic resource!

Making the most of digital media to enhance learning.

EOTC without leaving the classroom

Challenges you can participate in - Kirikiriroa and Ōtautahi

Why Social Media for learning and how can we use it?

The hows and the whats of creating a map

Tools for sharing learning both in the field and back in the classroom