Using Chromebooks

The Keyboard

Press <ctrl> <alt> <?> on a Chromebook to see an overlay of keyboard shortcuts!

Below is an 8.5x14 file that you can print for your classroom.

Chromebook Extensions

The Trackpad

The main difference with the Trackpad on a Chromebook is that the RIGHT click is a TWO-FINGER click instead!

The Home Screen

Some of Our Favorite Apps and Extensions for Teachers and Students:

WeVideo (App Only) - students can edit video | website

Scrible - students can organize their research | website

Co:Writer - students can have Internet content read to them | website

1-click timer - students can keep track of timed assignments or URL shortener - send students to a website with a short URL | website for (App Only) - students can take notes while watching a video | website

Google Keep - students can take notes; integrates with Google Docs | website

Screencastify Lite - students can screencast from their Chrome browser | website

Reading Ruler - students can use a colored marker to help them keep track of long pieces of text as they read

Coggle (App Only) - have students create a mind map | website

Please note that there are HUNDREDS of Apps that you and your students can connect to. Chrome Apps are simply ways to access web content that already exists. Apps are usually free, but they may connect to services that require payment.

Tailored Learning Experiences with HyperDocs and Learning Streams

MSCI Learning Streams - Template
Geoffrey Chaucer Learning Stream

Learning Stream Example for English 12