Google Sites

Creating a Site

You can create a Google Site directly from Google Drive.

Changing Your Header and Theme

By clicking in the header, you can change the image or the style.

The menu on the right will allow you to change the "THEME."

Inserting Elements

You can use the menu on the right.

You can also double click on your screen and this wheel appears.

Creating Web Pages

Creating a new page by clicking "PAGES" in the menu on the right.

By clicking on the the dots on the right, you choose several options.

By clicking on the 6 boxes on the left you can drag and reorder pages. You can also make a page a subpage by dragging it on top of a page.

Previewing Your Site

As you work, you can preview how your site will look on a computer monitor, tablet screen, or phone screen. Just click on the "eye" at the op of the screen.

Publishing Your Site

When you click the blue, "PUBLISH" button at the top of the screen, this pop-up window appears:

Please Note: Once you "PUBLISH" your site, if you make changes, you have to click "PUBLISH" again for other to see the edits.

Websites created for English 12 units