Organizing Google Drive

Accessing Google Drive

There are several ways you can get to your Google Drive.

An easy way is just to open your Chrome browser and click on the Apps Launcher.

Google has added something new lately: the Quick Access.

It shows the four most recent documents you have been working on.

Changing the Layout of your Drive

In the top right-hand portion of the screen there are several gray buttons.

The one on the bottom row to the far left changes the view of your files and folders from a "grid" view to a "list" view.

"Shared with me" Files

On the left-hand side of your screen, you will find a menu of your different files, including "Shared with me."

Because a file has been shared with you does not mean it automatically appears in your Google Drive; it will live in the "Shared with me" file.

If you want to be able to access the file regularly, <right click> and "Add to My Drive."

Once you have added it to "My Drive" another prompt will come up to either "Undo" the action or "Organize" the file somewhere in your Drive.

"Organizing" the file (or putting it in a specific place) immediately after adding the file, will save frustration later.

Ways to Organize Files and Folder in Google Drive

When you are in "List" view, you can view your files and folders either alphabetically or by when the file was modified by you, modified by others, or opened by you.

You do not have that option in "Grid" view.

By <right clicking> on a folder, you can click on "Change color" in order to change the color of a folder.

Numbering your folders and files can help make them easier to find.

Sharing Files with Others

  • Remember: there are 3 settings when you share a file!
  • Edit = Collaborators can change anything.
  • Comment = puts file in "Suggesting" mode. Collaborators can make suggestions and create comment boxes.
  • View = Collaborator cannot make any changes.

If you click "Advanced" when you share items, there are more options:

If you share a folder with anyone, there are only 2 option:

  • Edit
  • View

Team Drive

Team Drive Learning Center

This new feature from in Google Drive is geared toward teams working together.

Rather than share a folder from My Drive, create a Team Drive. For example, the 4th grade team at a school could create a Team Drive. As members come and go, the Team Drive doesn't change.