GSuite Basics: Google Docs and Slides

Access Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets

Sharing Permissions

Using Templates

Get to various templates by clicking "File" > "New" > "Templates." Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms each have templates.

Show your students various templates created by Google.

Create and add your own template for students to use.

Revision History

Checking the revision history on student work can be very useful for time sensitive assignments, checking editing, or seeing work distribution among group members.

Check the revision history by clicking "See new changes" at the top of a document or clicking "File" > "See revision history."

The revision history shows what was changed, who changed it, and when it was changed.

You can restore any version of a document.

NOTE: When a "copy" is made, it is a brand new document with a new revision history.

Editing Images

In Google Slides, users can apply a mask to the selected image in order to add some polish and interest to a presentation.

Using Tables to Create Student Worksheets

Creating a Worksheet Using Tables

Using the "Explore" Tool

You can find the "Explore" Tool on the bottom right-hand corner of you Doc, Slide, or Sheets document.

When you open the Doc Explore Tool, it will search the existing text and provide "topics," "images," and "related research" for you to explore.

This can aid in research.

The Explore Tool in Slides can aid in research as well.

It can also provide new themes and layouts for a Slides presentation.