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February 2023 marks the observance of Black History Month, an annual celebration of the achievements, contributions, and history (past and present) of Black Americans. The COVID-19 era, in conjunction with the fight for social justice reform across the United States, has made celebrating the strength and resilience of the Black community even more important. check out more o the Mental Health Technology Connections celebrating Black History  Month.

Are you interested joining  the National Technical Honors Society?  If you are enrolled in CTE and your grade point average (GPA) is a 2.8 or higher you qualify.  Check out You can also join other CTSO's to build your leadership and explore your career pathway opportunities.  A career and technical student organization (CTSO) is an extracurricular group for students in CTE pathways to further their knowledge and skills by participating in activities, events, and competitions. Check out

 for more information.

Hello Scholars!

I’m excited to share with you an opportunity for ages 18-24 to take advantage of FREE CTE courses/certifications in the construction industry beginning next month! (April 2023)  Classes will be held at The ROC on Northside’s campus each Tues, Wed, and Thursday from 3-6:00 with limited seating. Each student will have access to a ChromeBook loaded with industry standard software for learning and certifications along with hands-on training. The goal is to provide each student with the skills needed for permanent job placement at the end of the courses. 

Take a look at what The ROC has been up to at both campuses and please refer any motivated candidates to me for more information and to reserve their seat!