North Meck Help Desk

Thank you for visiting the North Mecklenburg High School Help Desk. Our goal is to provide quick and knowledgeable support to answer all of your technology questions. The In-Person Help Desk is located in the back of the Media Center and is available any day that the school is open during school hours.


We are currently providing support in the Media Center.
We recommend selecting the
FREQUENT ISSUES button before coming to the Help Desk or submitting a Help Desk ticket. If your issue isn't listed either come to the In-Person Help Desk or email the Help Desk at


  • CMS Google Account

      • Username -

      • Password - YYYYMMDD (birthday)

      • Used for - logging in to CMS Chromebook, Google Drive, Student Email, Canvas AND CMS Chrombook Security (ZScaler)

  • CMS Account (CMS Laptop/Desktop - Windows)

      • Username - StudentID

      • Password - YYYYMMDD (birthday)

      • Used for - logging into a CMS desktop computer

  • NCEdCloud

      • Username - StudentID

      • Password -

      • Used for - PowerSchool, Canvas, other single-sign on applications in CMS


Follow the directions below to login to your device from home.

  1. Connect to your home wi-fi

  2. Log in to the Chromebook like you do at school

  3. Once you log in, a screen will appear with images describing the process explained in steps 5 and 6 below. You cannot actually type on this page.

  4. Open a new tab in Google Chrome as if you are going to a website

  5. When you attempt to open that tab or go to a website, you will encounter the CMS filtering process and must sign in with these specific details:

  6. Type in your user name:

  7. Now you are ready to use the Chromebook at home