Thank you for your interest in Northwest School of the Arts!

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Complete the Audition Request Form as soon as your child decides to audition.

2. Read your child’s Audition Requirements carefully so they can prepare for their audition/portfolio review.

3.Check audition Dates & Deadlines and your email weekly to schedule the audition. We will call if we are not able to reach you via email.

*New to or returning to CMS? Enrollment in CMS schools is required to request an audition. Once you future-enroll, you can submit the request, and your child should be able to audition in time for the first lottery.*

Thank you for your interest in NWSA!

The CMS lottery is the way most students are admitted to our school after a passed audition. All students who attend NWSA must first pass an audition AND must enter the lottery for the corresponding NWSA program. If your child has not yet been scheduled, the Fall audition information dates/deadlines will apply to them. ALL current 8th grade NWSA students who wish to continue at NWSA for High School must pass a High School audition AND must enter the lottery for the corresponding NWSA program!

Students at NWSA concentrate in arts areas, or "majors." Middle school students are only permitted to major in one arts area, even if they pass two auditions. High school students are able to major in more than one area. It is also important to note that 8th graders who intend to remain at NWSA for High School must pass an audition in order to be guaranteed their seat at NWSA for high school. This applies even to new NWSA students who just passed an audition to get into 8th grade.

The "Audition at NWSA" tab (above) contains an Audition Process Checklist to help you manage the process. The checklist only covers essential steps, so please review the website entirely. Follow the steps, observe dates and deadlines, and make sure your child prepares for their audition or portfolio review using the Audition Requirements!

Below you can find a recording that will help you navigate the auditions website. I'm available to answer questions after you have reviewed the information on this website. Check out the other tabs on the menu above for lots of information about our school! We would also love for you to join us at one of our Tours/information Sessions!

Best of luck and "break a leg"!

Ka'Shara Davis,

NWSA Audition Coordinator

Phone: (980) 343-5500

Below you can find additional links to learn more about NWSA!