Francis Bradley Middle School Counseling

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Who do I contact if...

  • I have a question about rules, behavior expectations, etc. Assistant Principals/Dean
    • Melissa Roy: 8th Grade
    • Richard McLean: 7th Grade
    • Ashley McKinley: 6th Grade

  • I notice changes or have concerns in your child’s behavior, I want to schedule team meetings with all my child's teachers:
    • Kathy Corbett: 8th Grade Counselor
    • Joannery Mitchell: 7th Grade Counselor
    • David Gibson: 6th Grade Counselor
    • (See tab "Meet the Counselors" at the top of of this page for more information)

  • Registration, Change / Update Contact Information,or need help logging into Parent Portal:
    • : Registrar

  • Volunteerism / Attendance
    • Front Office Staff
      • 980-343-5750


Please take the time to fill out your grade's Student Needs Assessment if you have not already.

This will help us know what you feel all students need from the counseling department