myBlueprint is a resource that supports My Plan. It includes, among other things, vast libraries of career and post secondary education/training information, high school course selection tools, and many surveys/tools to help you learn more about yourself and navigate toward the future you want.

As you work through My Plan, you will use myBlueprint's Portfolio feature extensively. Any time you see a pink box at the end of a My Plan activity, you should add your work to your portfolio. To make things really easy, you can even link myBlueprint to your Google Drive account, and add your progress to your portfolio in a couple of clicks!

Student Sign Up

To sign up for myBlueprint, visit and select "Sign Up" and choose the high school you go to/will be going to from the list. Be sure to use your name as it appears on your report card and your email address.

Getting Started Guide for Counsellors.pdf
Getting Started Guide for Teachers.pdf
Getting Started Guide for Parents (PEI).pdf