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A blueprint is an architect’s plan. My Plan, along with myBlueprint, outline career development activities to help you plan your next step for building the future YOU want by exploring these questions:

My Plan Intro Graphic.pdf

Activities within each question are designed to help you think more deeply about what’s important to you, where you’d like to go next, and how you’re going to get there.

You are encouraged to expand your knowledge of future possibilities through research, talking with people, visiting work sites and post secondary campuses, taking a community-based learning course, and working/volunteering in your community. Gain practical experience to test out your preferences in real work and life situations and gather knowledge of future work prospects that are at least predicted for your next step choice. This does not mean you will have your future all figured out, step by step, without change. It does mean that your next step was intentional and based on thoughtful work.

My Plan can help you deepen your self- knowledge, build your support networks, and clarify what you’re interested in and why. Don’t forget that there are people to support you in your journey. At the end of Grade 12, you will have developed ‘My Plan’ to show that you are ready for your next step. Checklists and templates are provided for Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 to help guide you along your career development journey and to support you in creating ‘My Plan’.