La Classe De 

madame McKenzie

Pat le chat counting game

Mixing paint

Dice game

Mixing Play-Doh

Looking for bleu, jaune et rouge.

We found the primary colours!


Digging in sand

I love how  much they love the reading corner.

Terry Fox Run

Our Terry Fox Run will be held this Friday, September 22nd.  In class we will learn about The Marathon of Hope and donations will be accepted all week for the Terry Fox Foundation.  Learn about Terry Fox 

Les couleurs



My name is Jennifer McKenzie and this will be my 19th year teaching little ones.  I live in Strathgartney, but if you can't find me at home I'm either at the playground with my children or we've gone out for an adventure at the beach.

I can't wait to meet your child and to discover what makes him/her unique. 

My daughter, Meredith, will be starting grade five at Eliot River.  My son, Caleb, will be starting grading two at Westwood.

Our Kindergarten hallway is filled with some pretty incredible people.  I'm sure you will hear many of the following names along the way:  My sister, Madame MacLeod, teaches French across the hallway from us.  Madame Sonia and Madame Kitson also teach French Immersion.  Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Redmond teach English class.  All together we are a very strong team of happy people who will inspire, care for, and cheer on your children during all of their days at school.

This is going to be a really fun year!  I just know it!

Fine motor development

We like to promote activities that help children to develop muscle strength in their hands, their shoulders, and their cores (core strength).  Fine motor skills are important for so many school activities including: drawing, colouring, printing, keyboarding, cutting with scissors, opening lunch containers, completing fasteners on clothing, tying shoelaces, etc. 

~ Today is a great day to learn something new! ~