Morrow Artists

Artwork by Zakhia

Welcome to the Morrow Elementary Art Studio website. We are a small k-5 choice inspired studio and we love sharing our ideas through our work. Our student artists design and create their artwork based on their own ideas and imaginations. My goal as the art teacher is to help each artists find and express their own ideas visually and verbally. We do this by studying art techniques, the creative process, and other artists.

I am Kathryn Antman and I have had the pleasure of being an art teacher since 2004. I studied studio art and history at New York University and then teaching at Georgia College and State University. I am also a Google Certified Educator and Morrow's Technology Liaison. I was honored to be voted Morrow's Teacher of the Year for 2017. I have taught Social Studies, History, Government, Math, Technology, and Art. All of which are about communication and understanding which is why I appreciate all of them.

Come create with us.


Artsonia is an online student art museum. It has galleries of student artwork from around the world and all ages. Our gallery includes all our artworks from experiments to finished pieces. In our gallery you can browse or search and you can even leave a comment for the artist of your favorite work.

Artwork by Kenneth

´╗┐´╗┐Studio Habits of Mind

The Studio Habits of Mind are the thinking skills artists use while they work. Researchers at Harvard identified them by observing artists and art students at work. I really like using them to help us all better understand what we are doing when we create something and because they translate beautifully into many other areas of life. They are basically ways of tackling problems or projects creatively. More information can be found here and here.

Artwork by Jacob

Artist Statements

Every artist writes an artist statement to help them reflect on what they have learned and created. They also fill out a rubric inspired by the Studio Habits. These statements become the wall text for the artworks displayed on the walls of our school and around the county. We have the opportunity to share student work a various times at the Performing Arts Center, County Commissioners Office, the Board of Education, and of course in our own hallways at Morrow.

Artwork by Jonathan