DDeeper How-to's

If you have come here wondering what happened to the Read To Me Daily Youversion reading plan, please CLICK HERE.

Today is the day to start! 

READ the whole Bible

The Digging Deeper Daily (3D) reading plan follows a blended chronological and thematic approach to reading the whole Bible. Using just 20 minutes every day, you will read two Old Testament passages (usually in differing genres, prose and poetry) and one New Testament passage. This plan will help you see the unified message of the Old and New Testaments. For more about the 3D reading plan see below. 

Choose the best Bible version for your devotional reading/listening:

I (Phil) was so encouraged by Jill's feedback!

The answer to Jill's question is found on
the front page of dailybiblereading.info:
To download a PDF file of the reading plan, look for the link to Plan.PDF.