WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS AT CHIEF JOSEPH! Thanks for your interest in volunteering!

To volunteer at Chief Joseph Elementary you need to have a current background check done through Portland Public Schools Security Services. This check is done online, and is free of charge. Background checks are good for three years. Click here for more information.



Chief Joseph PTO is committed to equity, inclusion and community building for our students, staff and families. We value activities and systems that decrease opportunity and educational disparities within our building. If you are a part of our school-- this is your PTO! No membership required.


Some of our board members are staying on and some are moving along-- if you would like to join the PTO as a volunteer board member, we would love to give you more information! To get information or to get on the ballot for our May election, please contact: Amy Thompson aemersonthompson@gmail.com 503-309-4184

To volunteer to run for a board position, you should be able to make a good faith effort to commit to attending one board meeting a month and each General Meeting (every other month).


At Chief Joseph, we are working hard to build an organization that works collaboratively with our administration, staff, caregivers and community partners. We are vested in this process. Our President must understand both the challenges and rewards of building an institution based on shared values of equity, inclusion and in support of achievement.

The President’s primary responsibilities include building a board, keeping families informed, and making sure the “business” side of the PTO is kept current and in accordance with the law. Organizing meetings, developing partnerships, and engaging in the community fall in line with those responsibilities.


The VPs collaborate with the board to create agendas and plan events. More than one person can hold this position. The VP(s) generally agree to coordinate specific community building events (example: Movie Nights, Bingo). VP(s) may also act as volunteer coordinators, run meetings and help with communications.

TREASURER (2 year commitment) current Treasurer staying on

This is one of the most important positions on a PTO board. It requires high levels of organization and commitment. The treasurer promotes accountability through accurate record keeping and documentation. The treasurer must issue monthly reports, file federal and state taxes, and keep us in compliance with the Oregon Department of Justice. The treasurer signs all checks (along with a cosigner) and makes sure our books are kept up-to date and are properly audited at the start of the new fiscal year.


Being the treasurer is a big job, made MUCH easier by having institutional knowledge from previous years. This position supports the treasurer’s work by ensuring the transition between fiscal years (and different iterations of the board) is as seamless as possible. Having two people work together makes this job less daunting and creates a spirit of oversight and collaboration.


The secretary is responsible for accurate note taking at both PTO board meetings and General Membership Meetings. Other duties include: compiling notes and distributing them to board members; compiling membership meeting minutes and copying them for adoption at future meetings; uploading membership information monthly and submitting invoices to treasurer for state membership dues; maintaining copies of our standing rules and copies of our CUB requests.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of the PTO. It takes A LOT of volunteers to run successful events. Our volunteer coordinators identify volunteer opportunities and create venues to share that information (Facebook, fliers, Volunteer Spot, face-to-face outreach) with our school community. Being friendly and approachable is a valuable asset.

FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR one or two positions

Two people can easily share this job. Fundraising opportunities abound! The coordinator(s) must consider what our money raising goals are while maintaining a commitment to inclusion and community building. In this position you will identify community partners, reply to inquiries, follow up with businesses, coordinate community outreach and work with our treasurer.

COMMUNICATIONS This person collaborates with our secretary and may take on the responsibilities associated with running the PTO FB page, web page, newsletter blurbs, bulletin board, and emails.