Catalina Foothills Band Program

This website provides an overall view of the Catalina Foothills School District 16 Band Program. Meet the staff, get an overview of the program, and learn what we are all about. Use the links to navigate to specific band programs.

CFSD Bands Want You!!!!

How would you like your child to begin a journey that will help them become a world-class musician, surround them with hundreds of friends, and fill their life with adventures they may have never known were possible?

Help them join the CFSD Band Program! Our band program features a comprehensive path from no musical experience at all to performances around the globe. Every year we start a fresh batch of budding young musicians (usually in the 5th grade) and spend the next 8 years working together to provide students with musical experiences of a lifetime. We offer band experiences that are very special and unique to our school district, and we are very proud of the opportunities that we are able to provide for our students. Our beginning band camp is a fantastic experience for our first time students who spend some time with a specialist on their individual instrument that assist them with instrument assembly, basic tone production, and even help them with their first band performance - ON DAY ONE! As students progress through the band program, they are greeted with more opportunities as they move through the program, and by high school students are performing at a very high level around the state, and often around the world!

How do I sign up for band? 5th grade band registration starts very quickly at the beginning of the year. Look for e-mail information that will be sent home over the summer from your child’s elementary school which will guide you through the process. Middle School students may also start band by signing up for the beginning band class (again, no experience necessary or expected!) We begin the year by introducing all of the instruments available to the students at their school. We then have a parent meeting where we explain everything that you need to know about the band program (this is very comprehensive). After the parent meeting we will have band instrument interviews, where the band directors sit down with parents and students to guide students to the instruments that they are most likely to have the highest success with. We follow this with Beginning Band Camp (a spectacular one day event) and then we begin regular after-school instruction. Our journey has begun, students are on their path, and the adventure awaits!

We look forward to having your child in the Catalina Foothills Band Program.

-The CFSD Band Directors (171 years combined band teaching experience as of 2020!)

CFHS Band Performs at mall in Honolulu, HawaiiCFHS Band Performs at Pearl HarborCFHS Percussionists at 2019 Macy's Day Parade, New York CityCFHS Band rehearsal before 2019 Macy's Day Parade, New York CityCFHS Rehearsal before 2019 Macy's Day Parade, New York City
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