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Luis Pitta is an instructional designer and educational technologist with experience leveraging existing and emerging technologies to solve problems and enhance education. With over 25 years experience in the education field, Luis has a proven track record of success in architecting solutions for scalability, reliability, availability, and profitability. He is passionate about improving lives through education using technology. His perpetual quest for knowledge has given him a uniquely broad background that encompasses LMS management, systems administration, and technology integration in the school IT ecosystem all the way down to the classroom. As a tech integration specialist and a instructional tech coach, Luis is a lifelong learner.


"Never stop learning"

Talk to me about e-portfolios for the entire student population, advanced spreadsheet solutions and effective tech integration in the classroom. 

I'm  a big fan of self-directed learning, hands-on activities and problem-based learning.

I believe in flexible scheduling models for effective integration as a four day work week, start and end times varying during the week or a hybrid work between the office and home.

"Learning smarter is the way to go"

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