Dual Credit Info.

How to Make a Payment to Lone Star College 

Semester courses will be either $120.00 or $160.00 each depending on the type of class you are taking.   

Remember, College Algebra, Physics I and II, CHEM AB, Calculus AB, and Statistics are YEAR-LONG classes and will not have a payment due for spring.

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!!  Lone Star College has announced a fee increase for Dual Credit courses. !!

 3 hr course will cost $120

4 hr course will cost $160

Hours for a course can be determined by the second number for the course; for example, HIST 1301, this course is a 3 hr course at Lone Star College. 

This is still a low price for a college course, plus it is a fabulous opportunity to save money and earn a degree faster.  In addition, CFISD does purchase the textbooks for dual credit classes, so that will be another opportunity where you can save money while earning dual college credit in high school. Some college textbooks can range from $75 upward to $200+ dollars.

Lone Star College does offer a payment plan, please see the Dual Credit website for more information under Step 5 Payment tile.

Comparing tuition prices to other schools based on student taking 12 hours (4 classes):

Lone Star College Dual Credit: $480

Lone Star College (after high school graduation): $1152

University of Texas Austin: $5703

Texas A&M University: $5538

University of Houston: $4237

Sam Houston State: $4268

Stephen F. Austin State: $4217

Remember the above prices do not include room and board expenses.

This Checklist Does NOT Apply to Dual Credit Students

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How to Earn College Credit in High School

Presented January 9, 2023

Will My Dual Credit Classes Transfer to College?

It is a MYTH that Dual Credit will not transfer outside of Texas!

All colleges are required to have a Transfer Course Equivalency Guide on their websites.  It can be a little tricky to find it, but all you have to do is Google "Name of College Transfer Course Equivalency".  

Ex: "University of Arkansas Transfer Course Equivalency" = https://registrar.uark.edu/transfer-and-test-credit/course-equivalencies-search.php 

From there, you will search by SENDING Institution, Lone Star College System.  You will put in the name of the Lone Star course you completed, ENGL 1301 for example, and then you will see the course that the University of Arkansas will give you credit for (ENGL 1013, Composition I).  

If you are planning to attend a college in Texas, you can use this site: https://www.tccns.org/ 

The University of Houston launches a Transfer Credit Estimator

This tool allows you to see how your Dual Credit courses will transfer and apply to your major at the University of Houston.  



Text @cwhsdualcr to 81010

Please join for updates throughout the school year.

The Dual Credit Process

Ready for Dual Credit Classes at Cypress Woods?  There is a process to follow to get you enrolled, and can take a few weeks, so it is better to get started early so that you can meet all of the deadlines.  

Pay close attention to the testing requirements.  Check with Mrs. England or Mrs. Yates to make sure you are qualified for Dual Credit. 

There are A FEW ways you can bypass some of the testing requirements, so ask if you have questions!

F23 Dual Credit Registration Process CW.docx
DC Course List 22-23 for Counselors.pptx

What DC courses are offered for 2024-2025 school year?

This is the latest list. 

Check with your Dual Credit team if you have any questions. 

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How to Get Started with Dual Credit:

Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year is now open and will close on April 26, 2024. 

Step 1: 

You must apply to Lone Star College and receive a Lone Star ID number in order to begin the registration process for Dual Credit Courses.  

Here are instructions for how to complete an application to Lone Star College.

Two Pager ApplyTexas (2).pdf

Step 2:

Once you have a Lone Star ID Number, we need to see if you are "College Ready."  Ask Mrs. England or Mrs. Yates to pull your score summary sheet to check if your test scores are high enough (PSAT / SAT / ACT / EOC).  If you do not have qualifying test scores, then you will need to take the TSIA-2.  See Mrs. England or Mrs. Yates for assistance.  You can take the TSIA-2 from your home or at Lone Star College CyFair.  Your name must be submitted to Lone Star Testing Center by the Cypress Woods Dual Credit Team.  There are no walk-ins accepted.  

Here are some study resources so you can prepare for the TSIA: 



TSIA2 ELAR sample questions (Reading and Writing) -click here

TSIA2 Math sample questions-  click here

Before you take the TSIA2, you must complete a Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA).  This is not scored, but it assists you with what to expect on test day.  The PAA can be accessed at https://practice.accuplacer.org/login 

Upon completion, you will receive a completion certificate via email.  Don't be alarmed that the PAA site says, "Practice for Accuplacer".  This is the correct site.  

I Want to Take Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Chemistry or Physics Dual Credit

Because they are considered "upper-level", these classes have an additional layer of testing that is required.  Please see handout for details.  

You will need to work with Mrs. England or Mrs. Yates if you need to take the Accuplacer. ACCUPLACER Math Placement Exam Study Guide  click here

NOTE:  you must still meet the standards for college readiness in Math.  

Accuplacer Instructions .docx

Step 3:

Pick up the pink registration form from the Counseling Office or the College and Career Center (located in the library).

2024 Checklist.docx

Reminders After You Complete Registration

Setting Up Your Lone Star Email

4.4- Get Lone Star College Student Email Address.pdf

Do You Need Accommodations?

Be aware:  Students needing classroom accommodations in a Dual Credit course, must go through Lone Star College to request and receive accommodations.  See the handouts for detailed instructions and contact information.  

Please use https://www.lonestar.edu/DualCredit-Disability-Services.htm 

for more details.

4 - Fact Sheet_VDAC.pdf
1 - Disablity Services Office_DSO_Contact Information_08.02.20.pdf

Dual Credit Students and Disabilities Services

It is important for LSC Dual Credit students to know how to request accommodations and who to talk to. See the steps below to get started:

New Students: Getting Started:

1. Self-Identify. Contact the LSC Disability Services Office where you are taking classes and self-identify as a student with a disability.  Visit Campus Disability Services Offices.

2. Request accommodations online through VDAC.

The LSC Virtual Disability Assistance Center (VDAC) is the Lone Star College cloud-based software hosting a secure location that will process and hold disability services requests and records for students with disabilities at all LSC campuses.  

3. Provide documentation.

Students are responsible for providing documentation of disability. Because K-12 and Higher Education laws differ, it is important to note that K-12 documentation may not fully satisfy LSC documentation requirements. To download Medical Verification Form or to review Document Guidance or for other Disability Services, see Additional Resources.

Returning Students: A New Semester

Lone Star College Policy states that students must identify themselves each semester as individuals requesting accommodation based on a qualifying disability.  This is because the type of class (e.g., online, lecture) and the subject (e.g., Math, Art) are just a few items considered when developing accommodations.

Once accommodation eligibilities are approved, LSC students log in to the Virtual Disability Assistance Center (VDAC) to select which eligibilities they will apply to each class.

Log in to VDAC and renew accommodation requests today.