Career Connections

Our Vision:

ALL Chinook's Edge students leave high school with a clear plan to transition to post-secondary, whether in apprenticeship training, college, university or the world of work, with confidence in their skills and abilities to implement or adapt their plan throughout their lives as they and the world around them change.

Our Goal:

ALL high school students in CESD will develop meaningful and purposeful plans to create successful transition to the world beyond school.

To promote success in school and life, it is essential for us to provide opportunities and support for our students to plan their individual pathways through school. To accomplish this, our work must reflect a career pathways approach; giving students the opportunity to explore and acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge for a career that is relevant to their interests and skills.

We can accomplish this by:

  • supporting students in identifying their personal interests, strengths, needs, and aspirations and in using this knowledge of themselves to inform their choices of programs and learning opportunities;
  • providing a range of diverse and engaging learning opportunities, courses, and programs, both in and outside the classroom, that meet the interests, strengths, needs, and aspirations of the students and honors all post-secondary destinations: apprenticeship training, college, university, and the workplace.