Central Regional School District

Guidance Department

We take pride in working with our students and families. Our goal is to establish a comprehensive Guidance website which will provide you with resources and assistance across a field of important topics. We encourage you to become familiar with the site and explore the many resources we have provided. 

  Meet Our Counseling Staff

Central Regional High School Staff

Dr. Thomas Gallahue, Director of Student Services

tgallahue@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x3214

Brianne Allender, Guidance Counselor (Grade 9, A-Z)

ballender@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x3216

Dana Cerullo, Counselor (Grades 10-12, A-Fe)

dcerullo@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x3294

Stacey Ryan, Counselor (Grades 10-12, Fi-Ma)

sryan@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x3266

Kelly Mastronardy, Counselor (Grades 10-12, Mc-Sm)

kmastronardy@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x3265

Jeff Mangold, Counselor (Grades 10-12, Sn-Z | Humanities Academy Students)

jmangold@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x3267

Jennifer Mullins, Student Assistance Counselor (Grades 9-12)

jmullins@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x3307

Faith Erdman, Counselor/Homeless Liaison  (Grades 7-12)


Alexandra Petris, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services

apetris@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x3214

Lauren Carey, Transcript Secretary

lcarey@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x3210

Lorrin Selby, Secretary / Registrar

lselby@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x3208

Central Regional Middle School Staff

Kristine Golda, Guidance Counselor (Grades 7-8, A-J)

kgolda@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x5318

Kathleen Kropke, Guidance Counselor (Grades 7-8, K-Z)

kkropke@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x5317

Christine Selby, Student Assistance Counselor (Grades 7-8)

cselby@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x5319

Lauren DeBartolomeis, Guidance Secretary

ldebartolomeis@centralreg.k12.nj.us (732) 269-1100 x5316