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3rd Grade Teachers

Mrs. Dishmond

Miss Groff

Mrs. Guess

Mrs. Paxton

Mrs. Sharp

Mrs. Talbot

4th Grade Teachers

Miss Clarke

Miss Guenther

Mrs. Leger

Mrs. Lung

Mrs. Scholz

Mrs. Turner

5th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Elstro

Mrs. Foster

Mrs. Kassens

Mr. Rinehart

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Tedder

6th Grade Teachers

Miss Kish

Mrs. Marshall

Mrs. Hale

Mrs. Reagan

Mrs. Schwanitz

Mrs. Smith

Special Education Teachers

Mrs. Hemmerling

Mrs. Stonerock

Mrs. Conway

Mrs. Brashears

Related Arts Teachers

Mrs. Rusznak

Mrs. Rabchuk

Mr. Migoski

Mrs. Hicks

Comp. Lab
Mrs. Johnson