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Mr Mann's HOME Page 22-23

Calendars are on the specific pages for AP Psych, Regular Psych, or Gov, so pick your button link to the left:

Welcome to the Mr Mann's HOME page for GHS.

School phone: 706-650-6040

e-mail: sean.mann@ccboe.net

I am available before and after school and during my planning period, but e-mail is really the easiest way for initial contact and simple questions.

Remind & Google Classroom Codes are on my AP Psych, Regular Psych & Government pages on this site, so they don't get mixed up by anyone.

Most of the daily news will be coming from Google Classroom

(I will have the new codes posted in the classroom on the wall as well)

Check out my pages for AP Psych, Regular psych, and Government

Here is the class schedule (please note I take tardies very seriously. Please be on time.)

1st period: AP Psychology 7:35-8:20

2nd period: AP Psychology 8:27-9:12

3rd period: Psychology (Regular) 9:19-10:09

4th period: AP Psychology 10:16-11:01

5th period: AP Psychology 11:08-1:00

6th period: planning 1:07-1:52

7th period: Psychology (Regular) 1:59-2:45