Before most events, I will send a remind message or post additional information on our website, Some dates on the calendar only apply to certain groups. There are no after school practices for 6th grade. 6th grade performs at the Christmas Concert and Spring Concert. Other 6th grade performances are during the school day.

Pep Band - students involved TBA. Come by GMS before 4:15 to get instrument. Be at stadium NLT 4:30. Game starts at 5:00. Rides here for pickup by 6:30


4 - Please turn in band payment and shirt order form/handbook form by this date. Please pay online, then fill out the shirt order form. (see link on

11 - GMS football game - Pep Band. Meet in the GMS band room NLT (No later than) 4:15. Have rides pickup by 6:30. Pep Band based on audition / TBA

18 - GMS football game - Pep band.

21 - Aladdin Trip. Fox Theatre, Atlanta. This is not a grade level or class trip. This is optional. Seats are very limited. Price and students attending TBA.

21 - District and Allstate Registration Deadline. (audition held the first Saturday in December)

25 - GMS football game - Pep Band


Veteran’s Day program (8th grade participants TBA)


1 - District/Allstate Auditions time TBA (held at GREENBRIER Middle)

We are hosting this event for our district. Will involve 500+ students. GMS volunteers needed.

3 - GMS Band Concert 6:00pm 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

6-8 - University of Georgia Honor Band - students involved TBA

January 2018

12 - Allstate Band 2nd Audition (if passed the 1st audition)


7-9 - District Honor Band, held at Wesley UMC. Students involved based on audition in December.


Feb. 28 - March 2 Allstate Band. Held in Athens, GA

12 or 13 Performance Evaluations. Exact day/time of performance TBA. Details to follow. Students must audition for the GMS Honor Band.

TBA - Honor Band after school rehearsals / concert.

23 Beginning Honor Band. 6th grade students involved TBA

30 Saturday in the Park concert. Students involved TBA


25 GMS Band Spring Concert. 6th, 7th, 8th grade 6:00 pm