(formerly RenWeb)

What is FACTS?

FACTS is CCA's web-based portal where parents and students have access to grades, attendance, and more. FACTS is accessible on virtually all electronic devices - PC, Mac, Chromebooks, iPhone, Android, and tablets.

If you have an account or to create a new account, click below:

District Code = cc-wa

User Name = your email address as registered with CCA (must be linked to your student)

Want to receive automatic academic progress emails for your student?

FACTS is capable of AUTOMATICALLY sending out a daily or weekly email with a direct link to your student's detailed academic progress for the current grading period - no logging in necessary!

Email Heather Fredericksen or call (509) 662-2723 x10.

Need help with FACTS?

To verify that your account is web-enabled, that you are correctly linked to your student, or to reset your password, email Heather Fredericksen or call (509) 662-2723 x10.