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Hello friends! We've making a new website that will replace this one soon so don't be alarmed if you see a new website next time you check in.

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Hey, it's Seendoo here!

Hi it's Seendoo here! Our website's goal is to help people, first of all, learn about a subject (Through our friendly, honest and non-biased emails that you can understand no matter what grasp you have on the subject) then help you both get access to products that are more sustainable than the past product and finally, educate them on how being sustainable can be rewarding to both them and other people. Our overall goal is to make people more aware of ways they can help and encourage them to take action. Also check out events and the seendoo organisation (become a member!) who work together to make the community a better place. So sign up today and let's work together for peace love and joy.

Events is the subpage that will notify and clearly show when any important event is on that you should know about.

These events can be from TV debates to fundraisers, really anything I come across and think is interesting.

Feedback is the subpage for you to give me any suggestions you might have.

You can put down any updates you would like to be added and events you have heard of!

About the emails.........

For you to sign up on this website opens up it's true colours. The main focus of this website is to send you fun-filled, easy to read and information packed emails each week that help you make a difference because we do the boring research for you. [:

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