(Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition)

The Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) program is a formal evaluation and credit-granting process through which mature students may obtain credits for prior learning, including the knowledge and skills that adults have acquired, in both formal and informal ways, outside of school. It involves comparing students’ own educational, life, and work experiences, both in Ontario and abroad, with curriculum expectations in order to earn some of the credits required for graduation.

The PLAR program is comprised of three components, which may be accessed separately or together: Grade 9/10 Individual Assessment/Equivalency, Grade 11/12 Equivalency, and Grade 11/12 Challenge. Students should schedule an appointment with the Guidance Counsellor to determine their eligibility for this program.

CESBA (the Ontario Association of Adult and Continuing Education School Board Administrators), has further information about the PLAR program, including a detailed description of the assessment process and eligibility requirements. Please consult:

What is Prior Learning Assessment for Mature Students? And How Can I Benefit From It?

CESBA – Eligibility and Remaining Diploma Requirements.pdf

CESBA – Grade 9 and 10 Equivalency Assessment Process.pdf

CESBA – Grade 11 and 12 Challenge and Equivalency Assessment Processes.pdf

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