New Students

Students new to St. Michael's or returning after a break are asked to call the school at 519.946.3761 to set up appointment to fill out a registration package. Alternately, students wishing to register at St. Michael's can click on our new Online Request to Register form. The for is also on the bottom of this page. Our staff will then set up an appointment.

There are NO FEES to register.

New students are asked to bring Photo ID and a transcript (a listing of all of the courses that they have taken in the past, with their marks). When new students report to the appointment, they will be asked to fill out a registration package.

Former students of St. Michael's Catholic Adult High School will not be required to fill out the registration package, unless there has been a change of information. A transcript would not be required unless they had attended another school since they last were a student at St. Michael's.

Current course offerings can be accessed by clicking below: