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TĒnĀ koutou

Welcome to TerM 3 of 2022

Welcome to the Middle Syndicate's website.

We are into the second half of the academic year or the beginning of the new year thanks to us celebrating Matariki. Firstly, I want to acknowledge Sarah-Grace Breen for stepping into the team leader role last term. She did an excellent job. I also want to thank Tiaoyan, Ashley and Jenny for their support of her and their mahi tahi over another tricky COVID term. It has been wonderful to reconnect with the team at the Callback day in the holidays to hear and celebrate their successes from Term 2.

It was great to catch up with you all during the Parent Teacher Interviews and set some new goals for the second half of the year. As teachers, we enjoy discussing not only the academic progress your child has made but also how they have developed in the learner competencies e.g. relating to others, showing resilience and thinking skillfully etc. In Week 7 we look forward to having the Student Led Conferences where our learners can articulate this development themselves. Again COVID may force us to rethink how we run these. I thank you for your flexibility when pivots are needed.

This term it is wonderful to see the St Brigids festival happening again on Saturday 24th September. It has been hugely missed over the last two years due to COVID. This term we also have the last ICAS tests for those children who have been entered. If you have yet to enter your child and your child is interested in this optional competition, please do so. A reminder email will be sent early term 3 or check out the School newsletters for more information.

As you will be aware, at CAS we adhere to the ‘Play Eat Learn’ philosophy. This means we will make time for our children to have a healthy snack and a brain break between 9:20 and 9:40. We suggest fruit, vegetables or a small sandwich. We will not allow them to eat biscuits or chippies at this time. We believe that children need this to energise and refuel them. Children will then go straight out to play at 10:30 and then will eat afterwards (however, if they are hungry during breaks they are welcome to eat). At 12:30 children go straight out to play and then at 1:10 they come and eat with teachers supervising this. We have found children are eating more of their lunches and have more energy throughout the day to maximise their learning. Thanks for continuing to support this initiative.

We also thank you for supporting the school with our Orange Guidelines. We continue to encourage mask wearing for Year 4 and above, as it helps slow the spread and has been a huge factor in us managing to keep the school open over the last 2 terms. This is especially important over the next 4 weeks. Unless advised, we will be asking Year 4 and above to mask up.

Middle Syndicate classes for 2022

Mrs Jo Staite (j.staite@cashmere-ave.school.nz) located in the admin building

Ms Sarah Grace Breen (s.breen@cashmere-ave.school.nz) is in Rm 5

Miss Tiaoyan Li (t.li@cashmere-ave.school.nz) is in Rm 10

Mrs Jenny Williams (j.williams@cashmere-ave.school.nz) is in Rm 11

Ms Ashley Durston (a.durston@cashmere-ave.school.nz) is in Rm 12

Please contact us if you have any questions, queries or concerns. We ask that you approach the class teacher first so we can resolve any issue quickly. If you feel an issue needs further attention please feel free to approach me, Jo Staite (Associate Principal).