MiddleS Information

Kia ora koutou

Welcome to TerM 2 of 2021

Wow here we are already into Term 2. This term is another busy one with a great deal to look forward to, especially our Middle/ Senior School production in Week 9.

Our belief is that every child needs to be given the opportunity to be on stage at least once in their school career. All children will be part of their class dance and expected to learn and sing all the songs.

If you have skills and talents that would support us in this e.g. singing, dancing, acting or sewing skills, we would been keen for any offer of assistance.

Firstly we will be preparing for the School Cross Country in Week 2 (Thursday 13th May). This means we will be doing daily running practices to build up our fitness levels. Please ensure that your child comes to school each day with appropriate footwear (sneakers) so that they don’t injure themselves. Also the grass on the field can often be damp so we ask that they don’t wear anything that could be ruined, if they slip on the grass. Those children with asthma need to have inhalers. Please ensure that the office/teachers are aware of your child’s medical needs if these have changed since filling in the Medical information at the beginning of the year.

For some children preparing for the cross country is hard and is a real challenge. If this is your child, it is a great opportunity for us all to talk to them and to emphasise the importance of showing resilience so that they have a sense of self pride that they completed it. For other children it is easy and these children are able to explore showing empathy to others in how they express their own self pride.

As you will be aware, at CAS we adhere to the ‘Play Eat Learn’ philosophy. This means we will make time for our children to have a healthy snack and a brain break between 9:20 and 9:40. We suggest fruit, vegetables or a small sandwich. We will not allow them to eat biscuits or chippies at this time. We believe that children need this to energise and refuel them. Children will then go straight out to play at 10:30 and then will eat afterwards (however, if they are hungry during breaks they are welcome to eat). At 12:30 children go straight out to play and then at 1:10 they come and eat with teachers supervising this. We have found children are eating more of their lunches and have more energy throughout the day to maximise their learning. Thanks for supporting this initiative.

Towards the end of term, we will be asking if your child wants to sit the ICAS competitions. These are an opportunity for the children if they/ you want them to opt into sitting more formal tests. These will take place in August. Please keep an eye out on the newsletter for more information about the cost of these optional competitions.

Middle Syndicate classes for 2021

I'd like to welcome Jenny Williams- please don't panic, as it still our wonderful Jenny but now she is married so her email has changed. Congrats to Jenny and her husband Byron!!

Mrs Jo Staite (j.staite@cashmere-ave.school.nz) located in the SENCo office

Mrs Ginny Ralfe (g.ralfe@cashmere-ave.school.nz) is in Rm 2

Miss Jenny Williams (j.williams@cashmere-ave.school.nz) is in Rm 3 (working with Mel)

Miss Melanie Liddle (m.liddle@cashmere-ave.school.nz) is in Rm 4 (working with Jenny)

Mr Liam Jansen (l.jansen@cashmere-ave.school.nz) is in Rm 5

Please contact us if you have any questions, queries or concerns. We ask that you approach the class teacher first so we can resolve any issue quickly. If you feel an issue needs further attention please feel free to approach me, Jo Staite (Associate Principal).