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Department of English Language & Literature (ELL)

Our Department

We, in the English Department, believe that it is our mission to provide English language teaching of the highest quality that meets international standards. Our dedicated staff embraces the use of technology and innovative teaching methods to assist our students in attaining high levels of academic and professional English proficiency. We believe that the students should be the focus of all our efforts. As a result, student-centered learning methods form the basis for the implementation of a constructivist philosophy.

We strive to create a family-like environment, in which all members work harmoniously towards the common good. We share our responsibility with academic and research institutions, and work towards the accumulation of knowledge, innovation, and the education of future generations. We recognize the needs of the Omani community and undertake extracurricular activities such as organizing workshops, public lectures, and language classes. We also actively encourage the English Society, a group which motivates students to use English outside the classroom.

The English Department understands that students depend on their teachers for more than just English. Hence we endeavor to show empathy for all our students, respect them, and encourage them to always have high self-esteem. We try to motivate them to develop their talents in every way. We hope that we are able to assist them in reaching their full potential by offering them our full support.

The English Department endeavors to recruit highly qualified staff to achieve the professional and ethical goals of the program and the college. Commitment to the profession and a desire to provide the best possible learning experience ensures that students are given opportunities to learn and develop. We are not just teachers, but also facilitators in the promotion of student autonomy and responsibility. We initiate and create positive learning opportunities and motivate our students to develop their expertise and skills in the field of learning in which they are involved. We nurture honesty, integrity, and respect among all members of the college community. Team work is a fundamental part of the teaching process, and we work with all the college departments to ensure the best possible student experience. Reflective teaching and awareness of learners’ needs give us the opportunity to inform our students of the world beyond the college campus. We recognize that our students are individuals, and it is our hope that this is reflected in our teaching methods.

The main objective of our Department is to prepare the Sultanate's future English teachers. Therefore, our students are always approached both as learners and future teachers. However, since we are aware that many of our graduates will not work in schools but in a ministry, the armed forces, the police, a translation office, or a business, the program will seek to equip our with the necessary knowledge base and skills peculiar to the study of linguistics, the English language, educational studies and policy, English teaching, translation, and research.

Vision & Mission

Core Values

Graduate Attributes

GA1: Graduates possess good self-management skills, are aware of their own personal strengths and weaknesses in the English language, and are able to learn autonomously and work independently.

GA2: Graduates are able to critically analyze, synthesize, appraise, interpret and evaluate information from a multitude of sources and perspectives in order to understand the intricacies of the English language, linguistics, and pedagogy, as well as to contribute to the formulation of new knowledge in these fields.

GA3: Graduates are able to accurately and effectively communicate, articulate, and present sound and well-structured arguments and ideas in English in oral, visual, and written form for different purposes and different audiences.

GA4: Graduates are able to appropriately use technology, as well as different learning strategies, in both teaching and learning.

GA5: Graduates are able to think critically and apply their linguistic and pedagogical knowledge and skills to help establish creative and innovative learning environments.

GA6: Graduates are able to perform well as team workers, possess good interpersonal skills, and show appreciation for planning, sharing and working towards common goals and objectives.

GA7: Graduates possess a thorough and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the English language, linguistics, and literature, as well as of educational issues and teaching practices, and can apply said knowledge and skills in an EFL classroom in culturally relevant and innovative ways.

GA8: Graduates are able to conduct themselves ethically and professionally, being aware of relevant codes and practices in teaching and learning.

GA9: Graduates are proficient in written and spoken English, as well as in research methodology, and can, as a result, engage in research projects and make presentations in this language.

GA10: Graduates are able to identify problems in educational settings and to work on solving them both independently and in collaboration with others.

Official Documents

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  • To read the Omani Civil Service Law, which are also applicable to the Colleges of Applied Sciences and Rustaq College of Education, please click HERE (in English).
  • To read about the Sultanate's Philosophy of Education, please click HERE (بالعربية) or HERE (in English)
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