Welcome to 5th Grade Math! This year will be very fast paced, but I promise to make it as much fun as possible.

**Tired of math fact flash cards and apps? Try singing your way to success with Mr. DeMaio! Mr. DeMaio

Our second Mission 2 quiz will be Wednesday, October 6.

It will cover Mission 2 lessons 3-8. Students can prepare for the quiz by working problems in their green math folder from lessons 3-8.

Here are some other places to find review and practice:


Type "Math Grade 5 Module 2 Lesson 3" into the YouTube search bar. Look for lessons by Duane Habecker. He teaches the entire lesson. Sometimes hearing from another teacher is helpful. You can do this for any lesson I teach this year.

Khan Academy:

Type "Grade 5 Module 2 Topic B" into the search bar. You will be directed to lessons, practice and quizzes!

You DO NOT need an account to use Khan Academy, just skip that part.