Week of March 9:

  • No quiz this week! Next quiz will be Tuesday, March 17 and will cover Lessons 10-15.
  • Zearn digital requirement this week is Lessons 11-15.

Week of February 24:

  • Mission 4 test Wednesday, February 26.
  • Zearn digital requirement is Mission 5 Lessons 1-4 this week.

February 20 and 21:

  • Study guide for Mission 4 test will be completed in class Friday. Answer key is posted below.
  • Zearn digital bonuses must be completed this week for Mission 4.

Week beginning February 10:

  • Zearn digital requirement this week is Lessons 30-33.
  • Mission 4 Test will be Wednesday, February 26. Study Guide will come home Friday, February 21.

Week beginning January 27:

  • We will have Topic E quiz on Wednesday, January 29. It will cover lessons 13 - 20 of Mission 4.
  • Zearn digital requirement this week is Lessons 21-24.

Week beginning January 7:

  • Welcome back! I hope all of you had a wonderful break.
  • DARE graduation is Friday at 9am. It is a nice program, please attend if you can.
  • We will have Topic quiz D on Friday, January 10 (we will have to work around DARE graduation). The quiz will cover lessons 10-12.
  • Zearn digital requirement this week is lessons 13-16.

Week beginning December 16:

  • AUDITIONS all week!
  • As auditions are progressing, the students will be able to work on Zearn. They must complete lessons 8 - 12 in Mission 4 this week.
  • We will have a quiz on Topic C this week. Topic C covers work we completed in class last week (Lessons 6-9).
  • The students also have a practice packet to complete this week during auditions. They will be busy!

Week beginning December 9:

  • Thank you for all of my birthday hugs and treats! I felt so special.
  • I have moved the quiz from Tuesday to Wednesday of this week. There will be a quiz on Wednesday, December 11. It will cover lessons 1-5 in Mission 4.
  • Zearn digital requirement this week is Mission 4 lessons 3 - 7.

Week beginning December 2:

  • We have begun Mission 4!
  • Our next quiz will be Tuesday, December 10. It will cover Lessons 1-5.
  • Zearn digital requirement this week is Mission 3 Lesson 14 - Mission 4 Lesson 2.

Week beginning November 18:

  • We will have our End of Mission test on Friday, November 22. We are completing Mission 3 - adding and subtracting fractions. Study guides will come home on Tuesday. The answer key for the study guide will be posted below on Tuesday.
  • Zearn digital requirement this week is Lessons 9-13.

Week beginning November 11:

  • Thank you to all students for the wonderful Grandparents and Veterans Day festivities!
  • We will have our Topic C quiz this Friday. It will cover Mission 3 Lessons 8-12 (adding and subtracting fractions including whole numbers).
  • Zearn digital lessons are quick this week, so we do have 6 lessons assigned. Students should complete through Zearn digital lesson 8 for full credit this week.

Week beginning November 4:

  • Topic B quiz will be Friday, November 8. It will cover adding and subtracting fractions.
  • Zearn digital lesson requirement this week covers Mission 2 lesson 27 through Mission 3 lesson 2.

Week beginning October 28:

  • End of mission test is Wednesday, October 30! Study guide is coming home today. The answer key is posted below. Two bonus points if the study guide is signed by a parent/guardian.
  • Zearn digital lesson requirement this week is Lessons 22-26.

Week beginning October 21:

  • Quiz on Topic F will be Thursday, October 24. The quiz covers division exclusively (no word problems). Practice by completing problems in Problem Sets and Homework Lessons 19-23. Students will need to complete Zearn digital lessons 17-21 to receive full credit this week.

It is the first week of the new nine weeks!

Because of the short week, only two Zearn digital lessons are required this week. The lessons are M2 Lessons 15 and 16.

G5-M2-F final version.pdf

We will have a Mid Mission Assessment Wednesday, October 9. It will cover lessons 1-15 in Mission 2. Study guide will come home Monday. Zearn digital lessons 11-14 are required to receive full credit for Zearn digital this week.

Week 8: Topic B quiz is Tuesday of this week. Practice problems from lessons 3-8 to prepare for quiz. Zearn digital lessons 6-10 are required to receive full credit for Zearn digital this week. Students may complete digital lessons at home, but the deadline is Friday.

Week 7: We have moved on to Mission 2 in math! We will not have any topic quizzes this week, but I am posting the topic A & B notes for you below. We will skip Topic A quiz because it only covers a single lesson. Our first quiz for Mission 2 will be Tuesday, October 1st and it will cover Topic B. Students must complete Zearn digital Mission 2 Lessons 1-5 this week.

G5-M2-A final version.pdf
G5-M2-B final version.pdf

Week 6: We will have a quiz on Topic E this Tuesday, September 17th. Topic E notes are posted below. We will have an End of Mission test this Friday, September 20. A study guide will come home on Wednesday and the answer key will be posted below on Wednesday. Students will not be required to get as many Zearn digital points this week so they have more time to prepare for the test. Students must complete digital lesson 16 from Mission 1 this week. They will also receive bonus points for any bonuses they have completed this year in this mission.

G5-M1-E-edited final version.pdf

Week 5: Back to School night is Monday, September 9, 5-6pm. We will have a quiz on Topic D this Wednesday. Topic notes are posted below. Topic D covers addition and subtraction of decimals. Review problem sets and homework sets 9-10 to prepare for this quiz. Students are responsible for Zearn digital lessons 13-15 this week.

G5-M1-D-edited final version.pdf

Week 3: Signed papers came home last night. The first quiz was Tuesday. Our next quiz will cover Topics B and C and it will be next Wednesday. We will also have our Mid Mission Assessment on Tuesday, September 10th. The study guide with answer key will be posted here on the website. Math news for Topics A-C are posted below.

Week 2: Thank you for your patience while I was out on Monday to take my son to college. This week, students should complete at least Zearn digital lessons 1-4. They may not go past lesson 7. The students are completing their Leap 360 diagnostics this week, so that will slow us down a bit. Testing has not been quick, so our first quiz will be Tuesday, August 27. It will cover Topic A (lessons 1-4) in Mission 1. The Math news posted below is a newsletter for parents that explains in detail the topics covered.

G5-M1-C-edited final version.pdf

Welcome to 5th grade math! We will cover a lot of material this year at a rigorous pace, but I know everyone will do a great job. We begin the year with place value and decimals. Most of the year is spent on fractions and we finish the year with the coordinate plane.

We will have math homework most days. The math we completed in class will be in the same folder as the homework, so it will be easy to look back at what was completed in class to see how the homework should be completed.

Each week, every student will have specific Zearn digital lessons to complete for a grade. Zearn digital lessons will be completed at school and as homework as needed.

G5-M2-F final version.pdf