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Scheduling& Waiting Lists

Signing up

  1. The sign up is NOT a first come, first serve sign up request.
  2. The Signup link is open for a week ​including the weekend​​, after that, the link will be closed.
  3. Spend some time with your child/children to review the list of activities, so they can decide what is interesting for them.
  4. Signing up for activities does not mean that your child is actually joining these activities. Please do not promise your child that he/she will be in an activity until you receive their confirmed schedule.Keep it a Surprise!!
  5. You can make any changes to your submission during the sign up week. You will receive an automatic e-mail from " google forms" once your ASA request is submitted. Changes to the request may be made during the sign up week. You may find the receipt e-mail in inbox/ maybe trash/spam or junk and use it to edit submission. Another option, is to submit a new form and we will only consider the latest submission.
  6. If you sign up for only 1 activity, you may risk not getting anything at all. If this activity was a popular one and we can only take a certain number of students. We will then have to randomly pick students. After all, we can not have a class with 5o students!
  7. After the sign up deadline, parents may contact ASA coordinator to check activities that may still be available if any.
  8. If you have more than one child, you MUST submit a separate form for each child.


  1. Your child may not get all of the activities requested, we try our best to confirm at least 1 of their favorite choices.
  2. We assign students according to the priority of the activity parent listed for them and the maximum number of students allowed in each class.
  3. For high demand activities, student names will be randomly chosen using Random Picker Application. These are the activities where too many students requested as a first choice or a second choice . We will also try our best to add additional group if that was possible. Example: If we got 30 students requesting Cooking as a first choice and we can only confirm to 10 of them.
  4. If activities are repeated in coming sessions, priority goes to those who have not taken them before.
  5. If you decided to cancel any activity, please click the cancellation form sent in the schedule email asap so we can enroll other students.
  6. Received an empty schedule! ? If you requested only one activity and we had a huge demand for this one, there will be a chance not to get it.
  7. We offer different activities every session to encourage students to explore new areas of interest, rather than always choosing the same activities.
  8. Students need to learn that they may not get all what they wanted. That's an important life skill.

Waiting Lists

  1. If your child did not receive the activities they requested, they will automatically be on the waiting list for this activity. You will be contacted if spaces open up.
  2. As spaces open up due to cancellations, withdrawal or students not committed to fully attending , we will then check students with the least number of activities and offer their parents if they are still interested to join.
  3. Waiting lists expire by the 3rd week of the activities. i.e. After the 3rd week. all schedules will be final.

How Does it work?

  • We check the main sign up list and mark students names who did not get in the activity.
  • We contact students with the least number of confirmed activities. For example: If someone has 2 confirmed activities and another has one, we will check first the student who has the one activity.
  • If we have more than one student with the same number of confirmed activities, we first contact those who wanted this activity as a first choice.
  • If we have more than one student wanting that as a first choice, we have to randomly select who to contact first.
  • Students who are scheduled for activities, will be taken off the waiting lists on the same day. For Example: If a student requested Soccer and it was not confirmed, If parent asked to add other available activities maybe Chess, then we will take their name off the Soccer waiting list.
  • Parents will be given 24 hours to reply back to the " Good News Offer", so we can enroll other students asap if they are not interested anymore.