This page will continue to grow to answer all questions

We will use "Talon" as the child's name!

1- I missed the sign up week. Can I still sign up Talon for ASA?

We will try our best depending on available spots in the activities. Talon may not get anything if all the activities were full.

2- I signed up Talon for Photography Club as a first choice as soon as the sign up was opened and that was all he wanted, yet he didn't get it. Why is that?

Since scheduling is not based on first come, first serve, therefore we treat those who signed up on the first day as equal as the very last person who signed up on the last day of the sign up week.

In the case of popular activities, if we received 40 requests and they all wanted this activity as their first choice, therefore we will have to only pick up max. 12 students which is the maximum number allowed in this class. We do that using a random picker .

Therefore signing up for only one activity may result in getting nothing!

3-Talon does not have ASAs on Mondays and Thursdays.

We can not guarantee that we fill the whole week. It all depends on the available spaces.

4-Can I switch from Sports on Sunday to Sports on Thursday? Talon doesn't to seem to get a long with the Sunday group.

How about you consider talking to Talon about making new friends, we will also, talk to the teacher to support this. Let's, try this first, if Talon was not comfortable still, we can switch, luckily, there is room for addition on the Thursday group.

5-I requested Cooking for Talon and she did not get it. Can I please add her to the waiting list for it?

Since you had requested it and she did not get it, therefore she is automatically on the waiting list for it. You will be contacted if spaces open up. As spaces open up due to cancellations, withdrawal or students not committed to fully attending , we will then check students with the least number of activities and offer if you are still interested to join.

6-Talon got only 1 activity while his brother got 3? How come?

We checked your sign up request, you had submitted 2 options only for Talon, while you submitted 4 for his brother, 3 of these activities were not as popular as the 2 activities that Talon wanted.

7-Talon loved doing the Cooking in the previous session. Can I sign him up for it again?

Yes you can but we will give priority to those who did not take it in earlier sessions.

8-My child did the swimming try outs. How will I know if she made it to the swim team?

When you receive the confirmation schedule, you will find if Swimming was confirmed or not.

9-I have not received the ASA Confirmation e-mail?

Please check your junk/ Spam folders. It may be there. It may also be sent to another family member if you have used their account to submit the Sign up request. We use the e-mail address connected to the account you use when you submit the sign up form for all ASA communication, if this is not your account, please let us know so we can edit the e-mail address. This is not connected to the information on skyward.

There might be a chance that your ASA sign up request did not get through due to unstable internet connection. Once you submit the ASA sign up request, you will receive an e-mail from "google forms" indicating your choices. If you have not received this e-mail, then your request did not get through, accordingly, you will not receive a confirmation.