Devenish College


Careers Education Information and Guidance (CEIAG)

The overall objective of effective CEIAG provision within the college is to enable students to become effective career decision makers, empowered to manage their own career development successfully.  The school has designated teachers who are fully trained to help students with career planning.  They provide advice and information on a wide range of careers, plan visits to various places of interest and organise work placements.​​​

The CEIAG programme starts from Year 8 through the subject of Employability.  Students are encouraged to identify their own skills and qualities and build on these as they progress through their years in school.

Careers education classes are timetabled for all students in Years 11 – 14.  Careers guidance interviews are undertaken with all Year 12 Students by the Careers Officer from the Department of Employment and Learning.  In addition to this provision local employers and members of the business community assist with the very successful mock interview scheme, facilitated by Sentinus, for Year 12 students.  Students in year 14 take part in Get that Job, facilitated by Balcas, and receive an interview in career areas of their choice in preparation for progression to University or indeed into the world of work.

Particular focus is paid to transition periods when students in Year 10 having interviews with the careers staff to help them make subject choices.  Pupils in all year groups benefit from organised events such as STEM events in the junior school and Guest speakers, University visits and a UCAS conference visit in senior years.  Individual assistance is given to all Year 14 students to help them complete their UCAS application forms and CAO applications should the pupils wish.

Work experience is available in Year 12 and Year 13 students also have the opportunity for work placement in January each year.  The careers department pride themselves in the fact that we operate on an open door policy.  Help is available to all students as and when needed.