A large ensemble assessment...

Each year, our older ensembles travel to Lenoir Rhyne for Music Performance Adjudication (MPA).

At MPA, we play three pieces of music which are assessed by qualified judges who give us a rating in categories of tone production, intonation, balance/blend, precision, musicianship, interpretation, and general factors. Click here to view the assessment rubric.

Bands have the potential to earn the following ratings:

  • 1 - Superior
  • 2 - Excellent
  • 3 - Good
  • 4 - Below Average
  • 5 - Poor

After performing on the stage of P.E. Monroe Auditorium, we go to the "Sight Reading Room." In this room, I am given 5 minutes to teach a completely unfamiliar piece of music to the students. No one is allowed to play during this time. At the conclusion of the time, the students get one try to perform the song. The band is then given a rating for this experience.

Liberty has a tradition of doing well at "Festival," and it is our goal to come home with a superior plaque with which we can commemorate our efforts from January to March.

Liberty Middle School MPA History

2019 8th Grade Symphonic Band

March to Buckingham Palace - Mekel Rogers

Arabian Dances - Roland Barrett

The Cave You Fear - Michael Markowski

Rating: Superior in NC Grade III

Director Alex Powell

2018 8th Grade Symphonic Band

Flying Tigers March - David Shaffer

When Summer Takes Flight - RW Smith

Rampage - Todd Stalter

Rating: Superior in NC Grade III

Director Alex Powell

2017 8th Grade Symphonic Band

Darklands March - Randall Standridge

Sandcastle Sketches - Robert Sheldon

Korean Folk Song Medley - James Ployhar

Rating - Excellent in NC Grade II/III

Director Alex Powell

2016 8th Grade Symphonic Band

Newcastle March - Johnnie Vinson

The Conquering Spirit - Ed Keifer

The Ides of March - Sean O'Loughlin

Rating: Excellent in NC Grade III/IV

Director Dustin Hoke

2015 8th Grade Symphonic Band

Anchors Aweigh - Phillip Gordon

Silverbrook - Michael Sweeney

An Irish Legend - Ed Kiefer

Rating: Superior in NC Grade III/IV

Director Dustin Hoke

From the NC Bandmasters Association Page:

  • The North Carolina Bandmasters Association (NCBA) sanctioned concert band festival will:
    • Provide a performance opportunity for students and directors that offers a critical assessment of the quality of their performances by highly qualified experts in band performance.
  • Encourage participation in the only state-sanctioned event that provides a summative, standards-based assessment, designed to measure student performance as related to the goals, objectives, and grade-level competencies specified in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.
  • Provide the opportunity for students and directors to perform for and learn from their peers in a formal concert venue.
  • Provide a model that connects quality preparation with quality performance and supports the continued musical growth of students and directors.