What is it?

The Shredder is a machine Buckeye Precious Plastic has designed to shred recyclable plastics into smaller flakes for use in our other machines. Using a bicycle powered single-shaft shredder, plastic is sized into small, uniform pieces to facilitate consistent melting and easier storage. It doubles as a demonstration activity during events so that the public can interact with our machines and learn about the recycling process. The shredder is largely based off the V3 Shredder from the open source community, Precious Plastic, and consists of 5 main sub-assemblies: hopper, shredding box, base/collection, bike, and transmission.

Input and Output


Max thickness: 4mm

Size of hopper input: 400 x 200 mm

Output: ±10 kg/h

How to Operate

1) Gather plastic bottles or other recyclable plastics to shred

2) Optional: sort the plastic into colors

3) Begin operation of bicycle transmission (Pedal!)

4) Slowly add the plastic to the hopper and wait

5) Store the shredded plastic

6) Clean the machine