What is it?

The Injection machine allows us to take smaller amounts of shredded plastic and heat it to specific temperatures. It's basic function is to melt plastic in a cylinder while applying pressure.

This machine has six primary components: the frame, the lever arm plunger, three mica heating bands, the PID control electronics, the insulated barrel and a mold. The design is based off of Precious Plastic's V3 machine.

The frame and lever arm were constructed using metal salvaged from CAR. The heating bands were purchased from Gamut-Grainger. The PID controller was purchased from Ebay. The insulation is ceramic fiber and was fixed with aluminum wiring. The mold is connected to the barrel's nozzle with internal threads.

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Labeled Subsystems

Input Plastics



PP #5

These plastics have working temperature zones that can be readily achieved by the Injection Machine. View these temperatures here.

HDPE is primarily used due to its increased safety from lower emissions of VOCs during the melting and injection process.

Manufacturing Requirements

Useful Links

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BPP Injection Operation Manual