From the CHild Mind Institute

Anxiety is the most common mental health challenge in childhood. It can take many confusing forms (one expert calls it “the great masquerader”) and can be painfully impairing. But the good news is that it’s also very treatable, especially in kids. With the right help, children — whose brains are still developing — can “unlearn” negative ways of thinking and behaving. The goal isn’t to protect kids from anxiety but to help them gain the skills to manage it themselves.

This week we round up resources on about the forms of treatment that have been proven to be most effective for anxiety in kids. We look at what parents can do to support anxious kids and we offer tips for responding to children’s garden-variety fears and worries in the most constructive way.

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EXCITING NEWS for The 2020-2021 SchooL Year

This year at BHS, we are offering courses/electives that will allow students to earn Industry Recognized Credentials
(IRS's) in Various Career Pathways.

These IRCs allow students to exit high school with credentials that leads to meaningful employment or post-secondary options.

Students may choose any combination of credentials that totals 12 points within a single career field. Students will have the opportunity to consult with their guidance counselor when we return to school to aid in choosing the credentials that best suits their career aspirations.