On-Line Assessment and Feedback


OLAF is the On-Line Assessment and Feedback portal for Oxford Brookes. It is a source of easy to find information for staff who want to use online submission and marking in their modules. There is a step-by-step guide for those using Turnitin for online submission for the first time and for those who need a quick refresher. There is also guidance on providing feedback online and deciding which is the best software to use – Turnitin or Moodle. There is advice to help you instruct your students on how to submit their assignments and access their feedback too. You will also find a series of case-studies showing how colleagues have used online assessment and feedback in innovative and successful ways. This is a growing archive and there are details on how to share your own good practice through this site. Online assessment and feedback is now widespread across Higher Education and it has a range of practical benefits for both students and staff. However, its full effectiveness will not just be in improved convenience but in enhanced pedagogy. So this portal is going to host what is new, as well as how it is done, and will provide a valuable ongoing resource for staff.

On-Line Assessment and Feedback (OLAF) aims to:

• benefit student learning

• enhance the value of feedback practices, including peer review and reflective practice

• enhance programme assessment and feedback strategies

• provide flexibility and choice for staff and students

• encourage staff development through innovations in online assessment and feedback

This is an interactive resource, so we want to know what you are doing successfully as well as help you adopt new ideas.