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Brighton Area Schools Elementary Counselors, Mrs. Fox and Mrs. McKiddy, are here to support students with social-emotional growth to best prepare them for learning in the classroom.

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Wednesday, March 18th

Welcome friends, teachers, parents, and students! Mrs. McKiddy and Mrs. Fox are so excited to start our new blog to share resources and activities to help foster social-emotional learning from home. We come with experience from teaching in the classroom, to working as a counselor on the east coast with a very diverse student body, and can't wait to share our ideas with you. Our goal of this blog is to not only share our own thoughts and ideas, but also to foster communication. We hope to use this blog as a tool for students and parents to maintain communication with us and feel support from afar.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be talking about anxiety/stress management, tools for building positive self-concept, problem solving strategies, books that promote character education, and more. We also want to hear from you what your needs are! We are in the process of creating an avenue of video chatting with students, and also will use google to journal back and forth with your kiddo. We really want this to be an interactive resource so that we are adequately addressing the needs of our students and families.

Please scroll all the way down for the parent and student communication forms. We would love to connect with you!

Thursday, March 19th

We wanted to share with you a wonderful resource that can help inspire us to sprinkle some positivity into our day! Right now it may feel hard to do so. You are juggling this pandemic personally but also through the mom/dad/caregiver lens. You also are now teaching your child from home which brings another layer of stress and questions. Please know that we see you and appreciate you. We hope you enjoy this coping calendar and please take a look at the source: actionforhappiness,org. It has so many things to offer!

Monday, March 23rd

Good Afternoon you all! We hope you are doing well amidst everything going on in our world. With the progression in this troubling time, our anxiety may be at an all time high. We are trying our hardest to keep it together personally, and for our kiddos. I wanted to share a couple graphics and words of support in how this may present in our little ones (on the "Happy Mind, Body, & Soul" page) . I also wanted to use this moment to share a book recommendation. Our wonderful Social Worker at Hilton Elementary, Julie Garza, has recommended this book to many parents who are noticing anxiety in their kiddos and admit to having this struggle themselves. I have also included the Amazon link if you are interested in purchasing. Here is a short blurb on the text:

"From their success with hundreds of organizations, schools, and families, Reid Wilson, PhD, and Lynn Lyons, LICSW, share their unconventional approach of stepping into uncertainty in a way that is currently unfamiliar but infinitely successful. Using current research and contemporary examples, the book exposes the most common anxiety-enhancing patterns—including reassurance, accommodation, avoidance, and poor problem solving—and offers a concrete plan with 7 key principles that foster change. And, since new research reveals how anxious parents typically make for anxious children, the book offers exercises and techniques to change both the children's and the parental patterns of thinking and behaving."


On A Side Note!

A couple parents have reached out that they were unable to access the forms at the bottom to seek support for their kiddo. We went in and adjusted the settings so that anyone is now able to access. Thank you for helping us out and going along the bumps in the road with us as we begin our online presence.

Tuesday, March 24th

Hello Again from your elementary counselors! We wanted to share an important resource if your child or family is in crisis during this challenging time. The Crisis Text Line is free, 24/7 support for those in crisis, connecting people in crisis to trained Crisis Counselors. Our first priority is helping people move from a hot moment to a cool calm, guiding you to create a plan to stay safe and healthy. YOU = our priority.

Text "Hello" to 741741 for help, or visit the Crisis Text Line for more information.

Thursday, March 26th

With all that's going on right now, it's easy to struggle and let worry get the best of us. So many numbers and statistics, so many opinions and accusations, so many unknowns... Let's take some time to do a mindset- reset! What is most important? What can I control? What do I want to spend my energy on?

Here is a list that I hope you find helpful- I tried to tailor my thinking to what could be used for your kids at home. Enjoy.

  • This time at home can be a memorable experience with family. Our kids will remember these times together, and the activities we do as a family, not the virus or the news. Find a new activity to do together, and maybe it will become a new, healthy habit.

  • Be thankful for the technology available, and the knowledge of how to use them, to stay connected with loved ones and life pre-COVID. ZOOM is so fun and kids are loving some of the educational videos available to stay active.

  • Simple is good. We do not need to miss the busy always-on-the-go life we practiced a few weeks ago. Take some time with family and appreciate the sand in the sandbox and the sound of birds in the yard. Kids notice so much, and we can do the same. Appreciate the simple things around you.

  • Less is more. Does having a large portion of the grocery pick-up unfulfilled make dinner planning difficult? Yes, it sure does. Take the opportunity to find some new recipes with creative ingredients or revisit some old favorites. Breakfast for dinner is fun, and a PB& J once in a while doesn't hurt!

  • Clean Out! I'm sure everyone has taken the time to clean out somewhere in the house! The same idea can be used for many things. What used to be part of your normal routine that maybe you don't need again after we go back to the real world? What is worth keeping, and what would be OK to toss? Clean up your mindset and help your kids to refine their thinking as well.

  • Breathe. This will pass...

Friday, March 27th

Good Afternoon, Brighton Families! I recently found a helpful article from Community Mental Health about Coping with the Stress of COVID-19. The article helps to outline ways to manage anxiety, tools to help your child manage anxiety, resources for parents, ways to stay connected, and so much more! Hopefully this is a helpful way to support your child during this challenging time.

Monday, March 30th

Simply exploring our basic emotions is a key learning target with our early primary students. If a child is able to understand and identify an emotion, they can begin to develop the strategies to regulate those emotions and better identify them in others. This identifying in others leads to our life skill of empathy. This video is so fun in identifying and modeling some of those basic emotions.

Also, check out our Mindfulness and Happy, Mind, Body, & Soul pages for some great new activities shared!

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