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Meet the Counselors!

Brighton Area Schools Elementary Counselors, Mrs. Fox and Mrs. McKiddy, are here to support students with their growth in mental wellness to best prepare them for learning in the classroom.  

Bridget McKiddy

Spencer Elementary

Hornung Elementary

Rachael Fox

Hilton Elementary

Hawkins Elementary 

Welcome friends, teachers, parents, and students! 

Mrs. McKiddy and Mrs. Fox are so excited to continue sharing resources and activities to help foster growth in our students . We come with experience from teaching in the classroom, to working as a counselor on the east coast with a very diverse student body. Our goal of this site is to not only share our own thoughts and ideas, but also to foster communication. We hope to use this site as a tool for students and parents to maintain communication with us and feel supported. 

Students can fill out this form to send a quick note to the counselors about how they are doing.  

Parents can complete this form to request a check in with Mrs. Fox for their student.  This information will be used to best support the student and will help to schedule a time to connect.

Parents can complete this form to request a check in with Mrs. McKiddy for their student.  This information will be used to best support the student and will help to schedule a time to connect.

Winter Resources for 2023-24

2023 FISH AND LOAVES SCHEDULE-Nov 23 - Dec 23.pdf
2023 LCCC XMas blessing packaging flier.pdf
The Education Project's Snack Pack Drive Flyer.pdf
Holiday Food Programs - 2023 (1).pdf

Hawkins Clothing Closet!

This closet is held at Hawkins Elementary and began in 2019 when a student and her family experienced a house fire where she lost all of her clothing. A third grader at Hawkins wanted to do something to help and her heart pulled her in the direction of a clothing drive. The Brighton community stepped in and donated more clothing than we ever expected. It was at this time we saw how giving our families are and we realized this is a need that many of our students have and could be met through what became, the Hawkins Closet.  This is for our families with a K-12 student(s) experiencing financial hardship, where providing some clothing for growing kids will help provide some financial relief for the family. 

If you would like to notify the Hawkins School Counselor, Rachael Fox, of an incoming donation, please email at  If your student(s) is in need of clothing items, please fill out the google form here to request assistance.

Look below for Character Education themes happening in your students classroom! 

Continue the exploration of this topic at home!

Connecting with Others

Sometimes at school we talk about the importance of making connections in the classroom.  We explore this through the use of empathy, compassion, what it looks like to be a hero, and finding opportunities throughout the day to build relationships with others. 

Student Work

A 3rd grader at Hawkins writing his goal in how to connect with others.

A 1st grader at Hawkins draws a picture of connecting through kindness.

Anti Bullying Awareness

For the month of October we hop on board with the national month of awareness centered around bullying. We do this by delivering a JK-4 message with the Upstander program through Students begin to understand what constitutes bullying, what it means to be a bystander, and the steps we can take to becoming Upstanders in our elementary buildings!

Problem Solving

Targeting this area of content largely consists of reading through scenarios, and talking about possible avenues or solutions to problems. Students may find themselves practicing the use of sentence frames that give students a framework to pull from. When we use effective problem solving, we acknowledge alternative perspectives, respect one another’s emotions, and overall have more successful relationships. 

Generosity, Empathy, Showing Kindness!

We often connect with students to practice looking at multiple perspectives in order to gain a better understanding of how our actions impact others and the world around us. We discuss how others feel and where they are coming from. This provides a way to learn what we can do to help our family, friends, and peers when they need us most. Spreading Kindness is always a favorite message of ours, and we hope you continue to spread this message at home with your words and actions. 

Mental Health/Wellness

In tackling this area of content, we focus on creating a healthy body and mindset as well as promoting wellness within ourselves.  Students are asked to reflect on their choices that make them stronger as learners as well as humans!  We encourage you to hold these conversations at home about the things that help us all grow with our mindset and skills to make us healthy and happy. 

Self Concept/Self Esteem

So many of our students are beginning to recognize their place in the world. With this comes discovery of self, and the beginning of creating that concept of who am I. We foster this love for self through a variation of book readings and activities. With confidence, comes resilience, and then we see our children grow into happy lifelong learners.