Welcome to the Brandeis Mathematical Biology Seminar webpage. The purpose of our seminar series, started in 2019, is to bring together experimentalists and theorists. It is organized by the labs of Yangyang Wang, Thomas Fai and Jonathan Touboul in the Department of Mathematics at Brandeis University, two interdisciplinary research groups applying mathematical models to biological sciences.

In Fall 2023, our Math Bio Seminar runs every Wednesday 12:10-1:10pm ET both via Zoom and in-person at Gerstenzang 122. The seminar organizer is Kana Ishimatsu.

Each week, we host a researcher to share with us new, or even preliminary ideas (and welcome also completed works!). We encourage discussion and collaboration! Our audience is diverse, including master and grad students, faculty, applied mathematicians,  biologists, neuroscientists, (bio)physicists and chemists, to cite a few. Everybody is welcome to join the meeting and the discussion!

What’s on next?

11/29/2023: Jonathan Rubin

Title:  Qualitative inverse problems:  Mapping from limited data to properties of dynamics and parameter values for ODE models

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