Larry - Bess - Brady

I came from a family of writers. In the photo above is my biological mother, Elizabeth Terpiloff Barrows, aka, Bess Barrows, in the center, my full biological brother, Larry Barrows (passed away in 2019) on the left, and me on the right of my mother.

Bess married my biological father, Robert Guy Barrows in 1949.

Bob & Bess

On their wedding day (March 1949)

They divorced around 1962 (i am writing my autobiography, one of my many projects, which goes into more details).

Robert Guy Barrows married Judith Friedman, my step-mother, in 1962, who was a successful writer.

Bess Barrows married Anthony Terpiloff, a successful writer, probably a few years after her divorce (investigating what year this occurred).

Will add more photos later.....

In the meantime, enjoy photos of my mother with her second husband, Anthony Terpiloff, my step-father by scrolling below.

You see my biological parents were successful writers who married successful second spouses who were also successful writers upon their divorce.

I come from biological writers as well as my two step parents were writers.

Larry, Bess and Brady in 1986 at Larry's Wedding

Bess & Tony in Wales

Bess & Tony in Wales

Tony in Wales

Tony and Teddy Bear in Wales

Tony & Bess in Wales, July 1972

Tony & Bess in Wales

Tony, ? and Larry Barrows in Wales

Tony & Larry in Wales

Tony in Trunks front view

Tony in Trunks back view

Tony in Wales March 1971

Tony in Wales

Tony in Wales

Tony in Sunglasses

Will Adams Samuri