Brady Barrows

Welcome to my web site.

I have been a webmaster since 1999 and now retired. In the past years I mostly work with Wordpress, learned a little about the Google Cloud Platform which is definitely a learning curve and not for the faint of heart. I used to work part time for my brother, Larry Barrows (passed away in September 2019) who owned an IT business in Sacramento as the domain support for his flagship website, some work with client domains, and basically work related with DNS, G Suite, SyncroMSP, Watchman Monitoring, IT Glue, RepairShopr or other IT related tasks. I have since retired from my brother's IT business and moved to Alabama after living over fifteen years in Hawaii. I have been a self published author for many years now.

While in the past I had over a dozen or more domains and web sites, I have narrowed it down to six domains that I personally own which includes the web site you are currently viewing: (Google Sites) (Wordpress) Are you interested in taking over this domain? Contact me. (domain redirect) (domain redirect) and (domain redirect)

My flagship web site is the third one, about Elizabeth Freeman ( If you haven't heard about Mumbet, my website has been around the longest since it was my first website setup in 1999 and is still one of my major achievements which is a Wordpress site. The site you are viewing,, as well as are both built using Google Sites, which is cool. is pointing to this page on this Google site, as well as goes to this page.

The other large achievement I am involved with is the Rosacea Research & Development Institute which is a 501 c 3 non profit organization for rosacea patient advocacy which I am the founder and treasurer. Have spent some significant volunteer hours trying to resurrect this non profit that uses the Invision Community platform, mostly making videos for the site.

I also am fascinated with different subjects which I list on my articles page. My mother and step father were both television and screen writers so I have pages for them.