HOSA Adviser Lauren Cowherd

HOSA - Future Health Professionals

What is HOSA? 

HOSA is a club that a lot of schools offer to get to see what the health field is really like. You can do hands on stuff along with online as well. You get to compete, travel, and meet new people. If you take health lab one you get to go to the nursing home and help take care of the residents. In health lab 2 you can get your certifications, and do hands on stuff like drawing blood.  


Students who are involved in HOSA get to work on their leadership skills and networking skills. Students who are in HOSA also get to work on their practical and technical skills. Being in HOSA can also look good to colleges you may want to apply to. 

How to join

To join HOSA you do not have to be in any of  Mrs Cowherd's classes. All you need to do is talk to Mrs. Cowherd in BTEC and tell her you want to join. For HOSA there is a membership fee that you will have to pay by the deadline.