Welcome to JROTC!

Welcome to JROTC! JROTC is a class in which students can conquer team challenges grow as social beings become leaders through teamwork and can earn a P.E credit. This class is run by Gabe Brimer located in room 304, Right before the BTEC.

What can you expect to do in JROTC?

Cadets are expected to focus on team building, leadership, and motivational activities as well as helping each other plan for life in the future such as a career and college. They also touch on helping with problem solving skills, speech, and physical training.

When and how can you join?

You can choose to join JROTC while you are making your schedule for the school year. You can also choose to take the class for your P.E credit.

Come and try it out!

If you think JROTC is only if you want to get a fresh start on joining the military then you are wrong this program is an opportunity to improve yourself physically and mentally. So whether you want to join the military or better yourself for the future then join JROTC. 


"The community is like family."- Aidan Prenger (2024 Graduate)