Welcome to the BOUSD Elementary Physical Education website. Where we take playing and having fun very seriously. Our district has six elementary schools. There are over 3000 students in the elementary schools and every student from TK to 6th grade is taught physical education by our three teams.


Creativity, skills, collaboration, and fun

Students worked in teams to design and perform their trick shots. Learning to communicate, modify and most importantly, persevere. Often trying dozens of times in order to get it right just once. Teachers got in on the fun too. Enjoy

Strong Body Strong Mind

What if I told you there is something that can strengthen your muscles, heart, lungs, and bones. boost your mood, motivation, attention, focus, memory and learning but lowers stress and anxiety. It is recommended by doctors to help prevent or reverse a number of illnesses and diseases. Enough of it can also make you look better and feel better about yourself. On top of that it's a whole lot of fun!! Make sure you get some today!!

Exercise and it's benefits to the brain

Wendy Suzuki speaks about her observations on the benefits of exercise on the brain.