Focus on Second

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Last Update: 4/24/2018

Introduction to Focus on 2nd

In the second grade Focus on Second (Fo2) curriculum, students are guided by their teachers to deeply analyze meaningful topics. Fo2 structures opportunities for children and adults to work together to analyze texts, ideas, images, structures, works of art, and words. Students investigate Science and Engineering topics, consider stories of history and community, and experiment with new and familiar materials to communicate powerful ideas through multi-dimensional projects. Units of study include:

  1. How we learn in our school communities
  2. The forces of wind and water
  3. Who are we?
  4. The power of pollinators
01. Welcome Letter.pdf
02. Fo2 Design and Structure.pdf

In addition to the above documents, please also review the entire introductory folder and our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Unit 1 (How We Learn in Our School Communities)
  • Unit 2 (The Forces of Wind and Water)
  • Unit 3 (Connecting People, Connecting Places)
  • Unit 4 (The Power of Pollinators; standards document coming soon)

Professional Development Sessions and Summer 2017 Webinar and Q&A

04. Pacing Calendar.pdf
PD Dates FO2 2017-18

Unit 1 - How We Learn in Our School Communities

Unit 2 - The Forces of Wind and Water

Unit 3 - Connecting Places, Connecting People

Unit 4 - The Power of Pollinators

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01. Unit 4 Introduction.pdf

What's Happening in Focus on Second? (Project Updates)

Project Update 01 - April 2017 - Web
Project Update 02 - June 2017 - Web