Focus on First

(last update: 2/26/2018)

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Sounds, Letters, and Words

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About Focus on First (Grade 1), including June 2017 webinar and Q&A

Boston Public School’s Focus on First curriculum is an integrated, content-based approach to literacy. To reflect today’s world and children’s 21st century experiences, the overarching theme of the curriculum is globalization. Over the course of the year, from many angles, children and educators study today’s global and changing world, learning essential first grade literacy skills along the way. Children dig deeply into content knowledge and express their developing understandings through diverse means. They integrate, deepen, and expand their understandings of what it means to be a global citizen and a citizen of Boston.


Integrated Writing: Thu Nguyen, Baldwin Early Learning Pilot Academy

​Children have many opportunities to write in Focus on First. No matter the format (brief or extended, whole or small group, in pairs or independent), Integrated Writing links to unit texts and ideas. It incorporates opportunities to practice syntax and conventions in context while building towards an essential knowledge goal. In this video, the class at the Baldwin Early Learning Pilot Academy begins to co-construct a map of their classroom. Children grapple with the classroom map by observing the modeled writing of their teacher, Thu Nguyen, by talking with a partner, and by writing independently.

Launch - revised August 2017

Unit 1 - revised August 2017

Unit 2 - revised October 2017

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Unit 3 - revised December 2017

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Unit 4 - revised February 2018

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Unit 5 - revised March 2018

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Unit 6 - revised May 2018

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