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About Focus on K2 (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten students learn through our Focus on K2 curriculum. In the BPS, we use the term K2 instead of kindergarten, referring to our five-year-old students. A core component of the Focus on K2 curriculum is Our Boston, where children are invited by Boston's Mayor to engage in designing and building, as a classroom, constructions to make Boston a fairer and more interesting place for children.

Guiding Documents - revised August 2017

K2 Pacing Cal SY17.pdf

Unit 1 - Our Community - revised August 2017

Unit 2 - Animals & Habitats - revised October 2017

Unit 3 - Construction - revised January 2018

Our Boston Projects (2017)

Our Boston May 2017
Our Boston Storyboard Purple Room Eliot School
Everything Cafe Submission 2017

Our Boston projects from 2014, as highlighted by The Atlantic in their article The Citizen Preschooler.

Our Boston 2014 5.28.pptx

Unit 4 - Our Earth - revisions coming soon!

(Note: the full unit still contains old literacy circles and word work. Please replace with Working on Words)


The videos above are designed as jumping off points for Focus on K2, including forming small groups, managing and engaging in centers, and using the Ladder of Feedback protocol during Common Planning Time to examine student work. The "Austin's Butterfly Drafts" lesson is a fantastic example of facilitating a student-driven conversation about a student work. It includes a teacher leading students through the critique and revision process. For more information, click the link above, and watch the video below.

Report Card (BPS only)

See the district calendar for more information. Note that K2 only has 2 marking periods, but you may find an optional Fall period to be useful.